"Josh Kroehn is a talented and lyrically gifted songwriter. His quavering voice is imbued with emotion that his guitar work reflects perfectly" - Happy Mag

"The musicianship on this project is consistently flawless" - Buzz Music


"Something I've found has made me say goodbye to my processed life."

The lyrics above from his debut single “Processed Life” delve into the drive and motivation of why Josh has followed a dream to pursue a life as a musician singer/songwriter. Having an interest for all things musical from a young age and then discovering the musical catalogues of his parent’s collection of LPs and CDs, Josh developed a broad and at times eclectic taste in music.

Creating his own “musicals” in the confines of his bedroom led him to dabbling in his own attempts at composition on a little keyboard at 6 years of age. With an appetite to create sounds that he was hearing from different genres, this led him to looking further afield at the plethora of instruments he could take to. This exploration drew him to the guitar at the age of 9, and with the guidance of an awesome and passionate guitar teacher the guitar very quickly became a permanent fixture in his hands and this romance remains as strong today as back then.

With an open mind but faced with distractions of life growing up, Josh pushed through learning the technical intricacies of guitar playing whilst developing his own healthy appetite for exploring the guitar as an instrument to find ways to keep the fire in this enduring relationship. His guitar playing style as a youngster was initially driven by the energy and raw emotion of heavier music and in particular by his idol guitar icons James Hetfield and Kirk Hammett of Metallica, and Tom Morello of Rage Against The Machine. However, a change in schools in 2011, meeting new friends, personal despair all conspired to reveal a deep-seated emotional connection to music which opened his world further to genres of all types. The diversity of his early influences in addition to those he has found later in life have shaped the type of music that he composes. In particular the virtuosic guitar playing of Ben Howard, John Martyn and Nick Drake, as well as the compositional approaches from Radiohead and Talk Talk have greatly influenced Josh.

Josh has performed in various venues around Adelaide, South Australia, with his debut EP set to be released in late 2019. Josh’s music delves into a world where his guitar playing creates textures that carry, conflict and challenge his vocal tones and colors in biographical confessionals.

Josh’s music is written about life, and one thing that you can be assured of is that the music will always come straight from the heart and be uniquely authentic. And that's all he really cares about.





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